Rules & Regulations

  1. All students are accepted to observe decorum to enhance the image of VINURUDHA Institute hence , follow the formal dress code (it means only shirt & pant for boys , and girls salwar suit ) [ In class room program ].
  2. Students should always wear their valid institute identity card whenever in institute or while representing the institute at any other place. Further, it ( Id Card ) should show whenever demanded by any of the institute member.
  3. Attendance for all theory and practical classes are compulsory. A student who has not completed 90% of attendance during a particular semester/academic year , can not be able to complain for uncompleted syllabus and to attain semester examination.
  4. If any student will be absent for more than one day in class without written prior permission then he will be allowed after paying charge ( penalty amount is collected by management or class teacher) .
  5. The institute reserves the right to reject an admission to any student when they break the rules & regulations and expel any student if and when necessary . No fee will be refunded on expulsion in any circumstances.
  6. The institute decision in all matters pertaining to rules and regulations shall be deemed final.
  7. Your admission will be deemed cancel, if you do not give any information of leaves of more than 10 class days to the institute in written form ( by email or manual way ).
  8. Cell Phone or Mobile Phones are not allowed in the class room of Vinurudha Campus, if you bring ,you will be charged a penalty and will have to submit the fine to the class monitor or institute management.
  9. Your photos and videos can be used by Vinurudha to promote the organisation or show in results or inform to needy students or parents, you or your parents can not claim for these activities in future.
  10. Student can not be change or remove any subject after taking admission. Only and only student wants to join any new subject, then student has to submit application regarding to allowed or permitted to new subject .

  11. I take an oath that I will make an effort my best to abide the rules and regulations in well manner for development of organisation and interest of students.
    I will be responsible to follow all above rules and regulation of VINURUDHA Institute if any rules and regulation are broken by me in any curcumtance, I will be declared guilty and I will abide by the action and decision taken by the VINURUDHA Institute.

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